Friday, October 27, 2006

Rainy Day Rant

I'm not a patient person. Never have been and probably never will be. Waiting just sucks. period. end of story.

I'm currently in "wait and see" mode on 2 serious issues.

The first being financial in nature. We are waiting to hear from our mortgage company if they can file a partial claim and send our late payments to the end of our note, or if we are going to have to fork over lots of $$$. Thankfully, we have the money (or atleast most of it), but it will totally wipe us out. DH is finally starting to make some bonuses, so once we get past this issue, we shouldn't find ourselves in it again. We've been waiting all month and they told us we'd know something on the 23rd., and now they say we'll have to wait til the 30th. ugh. The very worst part about this is that my house is due to be foreclosed on 11/7/06, and even though we know it won't happen (because if they can't move the payments, then we'll pay the money) it just sucks getting so close to that date and still not having a resolution. But I guess we'll just have to WAIT a few more days.....

The second issue pertains to my SIL and her baby. As most of you know, I've been ready to get them out of the house they're in for a long time now. They are officially living in the run down piece of **** that FIL moved them to. DH and his other siblings are wanting to do something about it, but they are taking their time it seems. There is a 3 week old baby living in that hell hole for crying out loud!!! I did speak with the SIL about her and the baby coming to my home, but she didn't seem interested. You see, at home, she does what she wants (obviously) and at 13 I don't think that she is capable of putting the baby's needs above her own. As of Tuesday, I was ready to call DFCS and have them removed and placed into my home, or at the very least the baby. DH and siblings wanted to handle it "in the family" first, which I understand. I guess sometime this weekend my other SIL is going to pick up SIL and baby and take them to her house for a while. During this time she's going to discuss with 13yo SIL why she shouldn't go back home. So, I've been WAITING all week, with that baby sleeping in that nasty, old, run down piece of ****. Needless to say I haven't slept well. Also, I'm not sure if 13yo SIL going to other SIL's house is the best idea. Other SIL is currently going through a divorce because she has slept with 4 different men in the past year or so!!!! So, obviously a wonderful role model. UGH. I guess the point we are at now is we'll wait and see what 13yo SIL decides to do after she leaves other SIL. If she goes back home, then dh and siblings will go talk to FIL and 13yo SIL about her and baby coming here. If that doesn't work (and I'm betting that it won't!) then we'll go the DFCS route. More WAITING!

I'm going to end this rant with a scream. Maybe then I'll be able to wait a little more patiently..........


Friday, October 13, 2006


If someone would have said to me that youth league football (especially 5/6 yr old) could be such a nail-biting sport, I would have laughed at them.

I mean come on! They are still babies for crying out loud!

Yeah RIGHT! Boy, it gets stressful. For us parents anyway. The kids are oblivious to it all. For them it is all fun. Which of course is the way it should be. We got lucky and didn't get any of those "crazy" parents or coaches. We have a great team. Our record is 3-4 with 2 games left. Our last 2 games we've been shut out. Which bites. It's disheartening for the kids to not even score once. They don't mind the losing so much as long as they can get in the end zone. This is where it gets stressful for us parents. Especially when we get thisclose to the endzone and come away empty handed. It's an easier pill to swallow when you know that they gave it all they had, but it's still upsetting for the kids.

I've become a bit obsessed about playoffs. lol. there are 10 teams. the top 8 make it to playoffs. As it stands now, we are going. but it's close. I keep a running tab on a piece of paper each week. I check all the websites everyday starting on sundays, just waiting for the results of the games. Why is this so important to me? If we do go, it means atleast one more week of practice and another stressful game. It also means some happy kids of course.

All of this aside, Michael is loving football. It's great exercise for him, and he has made some good friends. He has a great time during practices and games. For him it's about having fun and learning. And even though it can get a bit stressful for us parents (only because we love our kiddos and want the best for them), we all love it. It's so much fun to see our kids out there enjoying themselves and learning so much. Not just about football, but about teamwork, and more importantly about themselves. Just this week, it all finally clicked for Michael. It was so cool to witness your child make such progress. It happened Tuesday, about 30 minutes into practice. It all just clicked for him, and he is doing such a great job. His coaches have really praised his progress, which of course encourages him to do better. He was doing a good job before, but there was a missing link. Not sure what helped it all click for him, but it did. KJ and I were so proud of him we had tears in our eyes. Now that may sound silly to you all without kids in sports. It had nothing to do with football though. It was about seeing your child accomplish something that he had been working so hard on. Seeing him do his best. It was great.

It fueled my fanaticism.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You have 4 boys AND you homeschool???

That seems to be the question of the day(s) around here. I guess I can understand why people think it is such an astounding feat, but it still gets old having to explain why I would put myself through that. Like it's some sort of miserable situation. Sure some days I dream of sending them off to school (boarding school, lol), but this is what is right for us right now. Still it amazes people. We get so much attention anywhere we go. First it is because we have 4 boys. "Is the baby a boy too?? WOW! 4 boys! I bet you're busy. It's crazy at your house, huh?" Then they realize that 2 of those 4 boys should be in school. "Are you sick today? OH! You homeschool?!?!? WOW! How do you do it? What made you decide to do that?!?!" Then sometimes when it's someone that you see somewhat regularly you get the "You seem so calm and peaceful and you have it all together. Your boys are so well behaved." To which I laugh and tell them thanks, but things aren't always as they appear.

For the most part, though, homeschooling is going good. I love being with my kids. As you can imagine, there are days when it is crazy around here, but I wouldn't do things any differently. We have our moments, and there are days when the best laid plans go to waste, but mostly we all enjoy being together. KJ works 2 miles from home so we get to see him for lunch some days, and we get to go to the park, and go on field trips, and we get to talk and learn about cool stuff together. We just joined a homeschool group so we're going to be making some homeschool friends, and that is exciting. I like knowing that in these very influential years, KJ and I are the most influential people in their lives. We don't have to worry about what they are learning on the bus or the playground. We understand that we can't shelter them from all outside influences, and we don't intend to, but it is nice being able to have more control over it. If we can preserve their innocence for even just one day longer, then we will feel as if we've accomplished something. I just read a great book a few weeks ago. "Lies That Homeschooling Moms Believe" by Todd Wilson I highly recommend it.

I'm almost positive that nearly everyone thinks I'm a bit insane for taking on such a challenge. I just wish they all understood why I do it. I love my family and I love God, and I'm following where He is leading me. I guess if that makes me crazy, then wrap me up in a straight jacket and send me to the rubber room.