Saturday, June 24, 2006

saturday ramblings..

sorry for the hiatus from posting. i've been using any spare time i could get to read the book i got from the library. reading is my most favorite pass time and i don't get to do it very often, so i tend to get obssessive about it when i get the chance. i did finish the book though, and it was pretty good. would have liked a better ending, but oh well.

right now it is nice and quiet in the house. kj took the older 2 to work with him this morning and now they are out driving around. the younger ones are napping. i've dedicated this weekend as "get the house in order" weekend, so i've been working on the upstairs. the biggest problem with the upstairs is getting the laundry out of the baskets and folded and put away. i've washed everyone's sheets and made all the beds. folded about 1/3 of the laundry that needs to be done, but atleast it's a start. tomorrow i'll be working on the kitchen mostly. just decluttering everything. i've let the house work really slip since miles was born, and boy 9 weeks later you can tell! lol. also tomorrow i'm hanging the chore charts back up for M1 and M2 (michael and matthew, and from here on i'll be calling max and miles M3 and M4, it's just easier to type, lol). i'm sure they won't be overjoyed with the decision, but hopefully the idea of getting money will keep them on track. if not, then i'm sure the idea of disciplinary (sp?) action will. they were doing really well, but once M4 came along it got too crazy.

good news about my van. my dads friend knows TONS about cars and has helped us several times before. he came over and checked it out and it needed a throttle body servicing and a new air filter. he got the stuff to do it with for less than $20!!! now it's much better! still needs a few maintenance items taken care of, but atleast it's not cutting off while sitting at a red light anymore!

M4 is 2 months old today. i can't believe it. of course it's the situation where it seems longer than that in once sense, and not that long in another. he's such a SWEETIE. just a doll. he "talks" all the time now and just smiles so big. i've really got to get around to getting new pictures up. we've taken some, just haven't gotten them off the camera yet. i'll make that a goal for this week. you all will just love his hair. no matter what i do, it stands straight up on top of his head like a mohawk. it drives me crazy, but everyone else thinks it's cute. i used a kids shampoo with conditioner last night on him, and it seems to be laying down a little bit today. i'm sure by the time he wakes from his nap it won't be. lol. he goes monday for his 2 month check up and shots. i'm really dreading it. it breaks my heart that they have to get so many shots. but we gotta do what we gotta do, i guess.

M3's bday is just in 2 weeks, and he is so excited. he's been telling everyone he sees that "on my dirday, i be 3". lol. he's such a monkey. he is the cutest thing i've ever seen, but is as mean as a snake when he wants to be. he definately mimicks M1 and M2. they've ruined him for sure. can't wait to see what M4 is like in a few years.

M1 and M2 are getting along really well lately. not sure why, but it is nice to have some peace in the house. they are hanging out all the time and even sleeping in the same room at night. i'm sure it'll end sooner than i want it to so i'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. M2 is a real handful. he is totally girl crazy already and he isn't even 5 yet. need to find a male chastity belt for him. he just giggles and turns red when he sees a pretty girl. tells us all the time that he loves girls. OY! M1 is much more shy than M2 so we don't get so much of it from him about girls. his big love is football and game cube. he can tell you just about anything that you need to know about football. he's playing for the first time this fall, and he can't wait. he wore his uniform for a whole weekend when he got it. lol.
Oh Well. Boys will be Boys!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

sweet peach tea...


today has been a good day. michael and matthew were up before 7, but max slept til 9:45. michael and matthew asked to watch a movie a little after 7, so i was able to go back to bed with miles until 9. then i fed miles and fixed bkfst for everyone. then max woke up. after bkfst the older 2 were sent outside to clean the van. once they got that done, we went to the car wash, to drop off a movie, and then to lunch with kj. went to a little cafe here in town we hadn't tried yet. it was really good, but like most cafes, it was kinda $$. i had a ckn salad sandwich. it was really good. had pieces of apples and grapes in it, and on a croissant. to drink i had sweet peach tea. OMGosh i loved it. had 3 glasses, and would have had more, but i was floating by then. lol. i'll definately be going back there.

after lunch i took the boys to the library. for the most part it was a good trip. michael got to get his own library card, so he was really excited. miles got really upset for the last 10 minutes we were there so that was a little stressful (trying to check out and all) but we had a good time. max decided to take his shoes off while i was checking out, and i told matthew to put them back on for me seeing as how i had my hands full. of course he didn't and as soon as max got half way across the parking lot he started screaming because the pavement was hot. so i had to carry him and push a stroller with a screaming baby the rest of the way. FUN! when we got home i sent all the kids to their rooms for "rest time". that was at 2:40, and they must have all fallen asleep because i haven't seen them since and it is 4:25 now. guess they'll be going to bed late tonight!

got me a book from the library. hoping i have time to actually read it because it's supposed to be a good one. Gap Creek. Read chapter 1 while i fed miles. seems good so far.

sorry for my long whiney post yesterday, but i must say, i felt better after getting it all off my chest. sorry you had to be the ones to read it though. lol.

hubby discovered my blog last night. oh well. i had planned on telling him about it eventually anyway, but i guess that's what i get for leaving the addy on the computer right?!?! i told him that it's his own fault if he reads something bad that i write about him. lol. luckily i don't ever really have anything bad to say about him.

ugh, well the day is continuing to slip away and it's nearly time to cook dinner. guess i better wake up the sleepy ones, and get the baby that just started fussing. then i need to get the checkbook straightened up and make a few payments, then cook. my life is full of adventure isn't it?

maybe we'll take the boys to the pool later. it's gonna be really hot here for the next few days. mid 90's. yucko! too hot to go out during the day for sure.

Monday, June 19, 2006


sheesh. you know how sometimes you just have one of those "down" days. well today is one for me.

guess it's just a combination of finances, van needing repairs, probably not getting to go to PA in August (because of the previous 2 things), being stuck inside because it's too hot outside for miles, house is a mess but who wants to clean something that is dirty 5 minutes later. and to top the whole thing off, when i was already on the verge of crying, i get a sad email when i get online. a good friend of mine who was due 8 days after miles, but had a m/c at 10 wks, found out she was pg again (after trying for all this time and trying for over a year the first time), and today at 9.5wks there was no heartbeat. i just don't understand life sometimes. it's definately not fair. how is it that my 13yo SIL can be having a baby (don't get me started!!), and here is this great family who would love to have just one more, and they can't. it's not right, but it's life i guess.....

i want so badly to contribute to my family. meaning income. i know i contribute with the kids and the house, blah blah blah, but i'm not even doing a great job with that! it's impossible for me to get a job outside of the home, and apparently it's just as impossible to find something legitimate to do inside the home.

add to all of that...

i'm fat, and it'll be forever before i lose all the weight i want to. i have lost 11.8lbs in the last 4 wks, but that is barely 10% of what i need to lose. atleast the scale is going down...only 97lbs to go...

why can't my almost 3yo comprehend pooping in the potty?!?! he is totally peeing in the potty all the time, but for some reason 75% of the time he still poops in his underwear. i know he's still young, but he is as sharp as a tack, so i know he gets it. he just doesn't want to take the time out of the day to go, i guess.

why must my children fight with each other nearly every waking moment of every day?!?! is it impossible to play together without screaming and throwing things? and why can't they learn to work things out amongst themselves? if there is no blood or bones then i really don't need to know.

anyway, i better end this post before i get you drunk off my whine. gotta give the baby a bath anyway.

if you actually made it through this, you are a saint, and sorry for the horribly whiney post.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

the day started out like most others. the boys were up at the crack of dawn, playing and fighting and asking us every 30 seconds when we were gonna get up. what they don't realize is that just because they choose to wake up at such ungodly hours, doesn't mean everyone else does too. we were able to get them to leave us alone for a while though.

me and kj and miles finally got up at 9 and started getting ready to take kj to IHOP for bkfst. knew it would be crowded, but when we pulled up i about fell outta the van. luckily we asked about the wait and said only 15-20 minutes so we stayed. finally got seated and we had a NON weight watcher friendly bkfst, but it sure was good (stuffed french toast!). after bkfst we took the boys to see Over The Hedge. It was really cute. The theater was basically empty so it was nice.

came home and now kj is working out in the garage. building the gate for our fence around the backyard. now he's calling me to help him hang it. UGH. it's nearly 90 degrees out and i don't wanna go out! guess i don't have a choice though. it'll be nice when the boys are big enough to help so i don't have to. lol. i'll go help him then come back and finish my post...... yes that was as bad as i thought it was gonna be. lol. but i must say kj has done a fantastic job on the fence. i'll have to post pictures when it's completed.

anyway, so he is still working outside and now i'm back in the cool A/C. miles is napping, and the others are asking every 5 minutes when we are going swimming. i keep telling them, not til after dinner, but i guess they keep forgetting. need to check into some gingko biloba (sp??) for them. i think that is the memory herbs. sheesh, i guess i need some of whatever it is too. lol.
Welcome to my blog!

I figured I'd "get with it" and start my own.

I'll start by saying that this will be a pretty boring blog, and not at all interesting either. lol. That's just the way my life is.

Fortunately it will be entertaining, because with 4 boys and a hubby running around, life is very entertaining.