Thursday, November 16, 2006

All I want for Christmas.....

....hmmm, I can't think of anything worth asking for.

But, boy, my kids can!

Laptops, cell phones, Heelys, TV's, and game systems top their wish lists. The younger M's want it because the big M wants it, and he wants it cause "everybody else has it". UGH! Thankfully, the do know that they will not be getting any of these, but it doesn't stop them from reminding us "just in case".

This also makes me happy that we started the "3 gift rule" long ago. We get each M 3 gifts each and Santa brings them 1 each (and fills their stockings). We also try and stick to a reasonable amount of money per child, but as they get older it sure does get harder! I'm also happy that my kids have included many reasonable items on their lists, so that we don't totally dissappoint them. They're asking for games for their existing game systems, clothes, and various toys. I think it'll be easier to fill those requests!

Now, we just have to sit down and decide what we actually want to get them, and then comes the fun.....


(note sarcasm!)