Wednesday, July 26, 2006

must. stay. awake. zzzzzz......

i'm soooooo tired today....

kj went to the braves game last night with co-workers and his boss....stayed out way too late (til 4 a.m.!!!) and drank way to much, lol, and somehow i'm having a sympathy hangover. ugh. guess cause at 2:30 i woke up and he wasn't home. got in touch with him and he said he'd be home about 4. bad thing about riding with other people is you are stuck doing what they want to do. after the game they went to a friend of a friends bar for a while. anyway, back to couldn't get back to sleep til almost 5 this morning. then the kids were up at 7. reminded me of my not-so-distant past of no sleep. ugh. i'd almost forgotten how tired one can be, since m4 has been sleeping through the night for the past month.

finally managed to get myself up and dressed and get the kids ready and we went to have lunch with my mom, step dad, and brother. now we're back home and all the kids fell asleep and i'm fighting sleep. if i go to sleep i won't want to get up.

have so much i need to get done (laundry, clean kitchen) before we leave for the beach, but i'm too tired to do it. i'm sure i'll put it off til tomorrow then i'll be going crazy trying to get it all done. such is life....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

already a month?!?!?

I can't believe i haven't updated in a month!

life just got busy.

first, there was m3's bday. he's 3 now. can't believe it. he had a great party and got lots of stuff that he didn't really need, but he loved it. he's had his 3yr check up and had his check up with the eye dr today. all is well. he will be starting speech therapy sometime this fall though. he talks a lot, but not very clear.

m4 is 3 months now. he is the sweetest, happiest baby ever. i just love it. he is always smiling and "talking". i cut his hair a few weeks ago. it was so long on top and just wouldn't do anything but stand up. so i cut about half of what he had off. it looks much better, but i do kinda miss his longer hair. thankfully he's still got quite a bit of it so i can still rub it. lol. he's rolled over 2 times already, but i'm hoping they were accidents. i'm not ready for him to be any kind of mobile. when on his belly he can move all around though, and really pushes his upper body off the floor. ugh. why is it that i have a feeling he'll walk early when i really don't want him to?

m1 and m2 are doing great. after much prayer and going back and forth, we are officially homeschooling this year. turned in my paper work today. we are all really excited about it and the boys were actually begging me to do it. i had planned on waiting til next year when m4 was bigger, but it was really on my heart to do it now. got a great deal on our math curriculum on ebay. was going to have to pay $270 for both math's and was able to get them off ebay for total of $150! that's everything we'll need for the whole year, and the manipulatives and teachers manuals will be able to be used with the other kiddos. very exciting. my only other major purchase i'm going to make is gonna be for language/phonics curriculum. i'll get out for about $400 total and that is the same as what i'd pay for 2 MONTHS of matthew going to school, and the same price as michael's lunches for the year. for the other subjects i'm going to find stuff off the internet.

we're headed out friday morning to spend a long weekend with my aunt in gulf shores alabama. the boys are so excited that they can barely stand it. lol. we are all looking forward to the trip. can't wait to get to the beach!!

everyday i become more and more sure that our family is complete. i love babies and could have many more if it weren't for them growing up. lol. even though i'm sure we won't be adding any more m's, i still can't bring myself to have something permanent done. guess we'll just keep praying about it.

anyway, i guess that's about all i've got to update for now.